Introducing VisualSearch v3

Using videos to find more videos

2 Easy Ways To Use VisualSearch

Drag and drop your image or video file* into the VisualSearch box

* We accept all common media files (JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, MP4, MOV) that are less than 100MB.

Download our Sample Files to try!

Click on the VisualSearch Button to find similar videos

You only have a reference image to find similar footage.

Or you’ve been trying to find videos reflecting a certain style or mood but just can’t describe it accurately when required to type keywords in the search bar!

It is always much simpler to find a specific footage based on a similar visual sample.

We have taken all your pain points and created the VisualSearch tool! Now, all you have to do is drag-and-drop an image or video file to find that perfect Element for your project!


Search for Elements without the language barrier


Search through our 7 million stock content in a breeze

Use our filters to further pinpoint exactly what you need


Awesome! It has always been a challenge to search for videos using large amounts of data. VisualSearch solves that challenge for us and provides intuitive results. This is indeed revolutionary.

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Because less time searching is more time creating.